Odd mix of items taken from vehicle

August 21, 2019 - 356 views

Oamaru police may have to keep an eye out for a thirsty suspect with a dodgy leg and a fear of sunlight after items were stolen from a vehicle in the South Hill area of Oamaru overnight.

A plastic drink bottle and a sunshade - both items of little monetary value - as well as a pair of crutches were taken from a locked vehicle in Swift St, while another locked vehicle was entered in Till St.

An attempt was made to break into another vehicle in Wansbeck St but was not successful, Sergeant Blair Wilkinson, of Oamaru, said.

It was not clear if any other items of significant value had been stolen.

Sgt Wilkinson advised residents in the South Hill area to remain vigilant when it came to security.

''We would encourage people not to leave items of value in their vehicle overnight, and if they have got a garage available to them, to use it.

''These things tend to happen in little clusters. People tend to be active for a while and there tends to be a reason why they are targeting vehicles. I would not think the South Hill is hit harder than anywhere else.''

Inquiries are continuing.

They are the first reported break-ins in the area since May, when police made a public plea for information related to similar incidents.

On May 13, a handbag was taken from an unlocked car parked on Tamar St, before a second unlocked vehicle in Wansbeck St was entered and cash stolen.

Three days earlier, on May 10, a stereo was stolen from a vehicle parked at Awamoa Park after a lock was forced, one of several vehicles damaged there the same day.


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