Avalon Swing

On April 04, 2020
20:00 - 23:30
Penguin Entertainment Club

The Avalon swing performers live and play amongst the gyspy swing musicians of South East Queensland. There, that musical world is filled with entrancing melodies. Take heed as Avalon Swing pass themselves off as Gentry and have been known to say "We are an art deco inspired celebration of acoustic swing music. We bring a bit of Gatsby, a sprinkle of french cafe and a dash of bohemian gypsy"

Although known to perform instrumental guitar pieces from Django Reinhardt’s 1939 play list, the American songbook, and the great standards from the swing dance era caution should be exercised at all time around these musicians as it's all a front to lift the your spirit, while distracting with a brilliant vibe.

Avalon Swing hold true to the old gyspy values of ………. be a master of Impeccable swing.

Quietly but quickly pass the warning .......... The Gyspies will arrive Avalon Swing are coming.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2103847036427192/